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The Ebone Zone

 The Man Behind The Microphone 


 The Ebone Zone podcast was first conceived by a young man with a strong passion for broadcasting. At first, it was just an idea; the thought of starting a podcast as a way to facilitate a long time childhood dream of being a Radio DJ. In 2017, this idea came to life when the first episode, “Mount Airy, Harper Lee and Shelton Vineyards'' aired on October 31st. The show’s first promotion aired just 10 days prior on October 21st. Now, with over 300 episodes and still counting, Ethan Rivers’ passion for his craft has only grown stronger.


Ethan is a born-again Christian, with a profound faith in God, and a deep love for Him. He loves Christ with every fiber of his being and has the intense desire to see others come to know the Heavenly Father’s saving Grace. He believes the Fundamentals of the faith to stand true, the Inerrancy of Scripture, the Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ,  the Substitutionary Atonement of Christ, the Bodily Ressurection of Christ, and the Authenticity of Miracles. He believes Salvation comes not by anything man can do in and of himself but by God’s divine grace, genuine repentance of sin, and true faith, in Christ alone. He spends a great deal of time doing devotionals and studying the living word of God, and he has a faith fueled, ever growing knowledge of God’s word.

Ethan first took interest in broadcasting when he was young, when he would hear Verne Lundquist calling south-eastern conference football games on CBS. As he watched, he fell in love with Lundquist’s style of commentary over his favorite sport, and through his favorite sports announcer he found his love of broadcasting. Around the same time in his life, he recalls hearing Angela Henley’s afternoon show on Hometown Christian Radio 1240 AM, 3WC, based out of Wilkesboro, NC. Ethan had a fire placed in his heart by God, he knew that he wanted to spread the word over the air, like Angela.


 God worked in Ethan’s life, and made a way for his dreams to come true years later when he began working at 3WC at the age of 18; the same station he listened to as a kid. A year later at age 19, he realized that he had truly found his calling. To this day, Ethan continues to fulfill God's call on his life working happily as a Radio DJ at Hometown Christian Radio.


Ethan’s favorite Bible verse

Romans 8:1
“There is, therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit.”


Mission Statement

I hope that through my podcast I can do three things: make my mark as a host you’ll want to listen to more than just one time, be a friend to those who need one on the other side of the speaker, and help bring my listeners closer to God by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

“I hope that Jesus can bring someone closer to him, through me, by doing what I love doing.”
-Ethan Rivers

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